(Three-day course; 75 minutes each; select one)

Please see our schedule to get a sense for how each day flows, and don’t forget to reach out to our leaders individually if you want some one-on-one time to discuss your ministry and/or its areas of expertise!​

Leadership:  Christy Lang Hearlson

 In a world of consumer goods, it is easy to justify purchases by noting they are “cheap.” Yet so often, these goods are not at all cheap, but were produced at great costs by laborers elsewhere and at significant cost to the earth. How do we help young people today recognize their own immersion in consumer culture and respond to it faithfully, wisely, and with urgency? This extended seminar will introduce participants to various interpretations of consumer culture and help them understand their own involvement in consumerism. It will then offer insights from church history and theology, as well as from contemporary movements, into how we can move forward with youth into a new way of life

Location: Stuart 2