(Offered during four time slots;  60 minutes each; each lecture delivered once; all participants attend)
Please see our schedule to get a sense for how each day flows.

LECTURE 1: Wednesday April 29, 7:15 PM - Cancelled

Unsettling Settled Ideas: Gang Members and The Marrow of the Gospel
Leadership:  Greg Boyle​

This lecture will propose a new paradigm of faithful living born of standing with the excluded, moving from forgiveness to mercy.

LECTURE 2: Thursday, April 30, 11:30 am - cancelled

Your Joy Complete: Gang Members and Reclaiming the Mysticism of Jesus
  Greg Boyle

Beyond belief in God is knowing the God of Jesus and inhabiting the mysticism of his tenderness.

LECTURE 3: friday, may 1, 7:15 pm - cancelled

Why Innovation Is the Wrong Word
Leadership: Kenda Creasy Dean

This lecture will explore how Christians should approach our culture’s current obsession with innovation – and what we really want instead.

LECTURE 4: saturday, may 2, 8:45 am

Discipling the Mind: Ensuring the Faithfulness of Our Vision
Leadership: John Swinton

This lecture will explore how tradition and practice function together to shape and form minds, emotions, bodies, and our imaginations in ways which re-form our perception of the world, and re-order our options for acting on the world.

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