Online registration–$99.
Includes livestreamed access to worship, lectures, and the Speaker Spotlight, along with an online seminar held on Zoom.

On campus registration—$349.
Includes worship, lectures, electives, the Speaker Spotlight, spiritual direction, yoga, reflective art, and two meals (Tuesday and Wednesday lunch), and light refreshments during conference breaks.

Currently-enrolled PTS students—Free with registration.
We also welcome you to enroll in IYM1101, the one-credit pass/d/fail course that invites students to reflect theologically on the Forum theme while sharing learnings and experiences from the Forum on Youth Ministry. This year’s course will be led by Elizabeth Steel.

Registration ends May 1, 2023.

A Note on Accessibility
The IYM strives to create inclusive space that is hospitable to people of all health needs, dietary restrictions, neurotypes, and physical and mental abilities. While this is always our goal, we are aware of limitations in our facilities and personnel that may contribute to us being unable to meet this goal. If you have any concerns or would like to speak with someone regarding accessibility or needs, please contact us at so that we can discuss how to best welcome you to the Forum.

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