The IYM strives to make the Forum as accessible and affordable as possible, but we are keenly aware that some participants may still need financial assistance to attend. 

If you are a degree graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary or if you are a CPE or Field Education Supervisor through PTS, you are eligible to receive a 15% discount on standard rate continuing education program fees. For the 2024 Forum, this applies to the standard conference rate of $399 only. 

All other inquirers are invited to complete this scholarship request form. A limited amount of need-based funding is available on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to speak with an IYM representative about your funding options, please contact us at or 609-497-7914.

We understand that life is unpredictable, and sometimes participants must cancel their plans to attend an event. Therefore, our policy states that you can cancel your event registration up to one week (seven calendar days) prior to the Forum start date, and your fee will be refunded, minus a required $15 processing fee. Due to expenses already incurred after this date, we cannot offer any refunds for cancellations made within one week (six or fewer calendar days) of an event start date. 

If you test positive for COVID-19 during the six days prior to the start of the Forum, please contact us at or 609-497-4914. We will do our best to determine a grace-filled response in order to protect the health and safety of our gathered and residential community, while also offering you the resourcing and care that is part of the Forum on Youth Ministry.

The Forum is a self-funded event, which means that the income from participant fees is allocated to cover all event expenses. Currently, 69% of the income from participant fees is allocated toward the speaking fees, travel, expenses, and lodging for our external leaders. Refreshments, meals, and participant materials are provided during the event with 23% of the income from participant fees. The final 8% of the income funds our promotional efforts. We aim for excellence in leadership and hospitality, while also striving toward our commitment to the accessibility and affordability of our offerings. Balancing these values, our ambitious financial goal for the Forum is to break even. 

The IYM welcomes international participants to attend the Forum on Youth Ministry, but we cannot issue letters of invitation or make visa arrangements on your behalf.

The IYM strives to create inclusive space that is hospitable to people of all health needs, dietary restrictions, neurotypes, and physical and mental abilities. Our registration form for the event contains places where you can provide us details about any accommodation request or restriction so that we can best prepare to welcome you to campus. In addition, the event booklet you receive prior to and/or at the Forum will contain detailed accessibility information about every building and space we will use during the event.

As an organization deeply committed to the welcome and celebration of people with all different bodies and brains, we are also aware of limitations in our facilities and personnel that may present obstacles for certain accommodations. If you have any concerns or would like to speak with someone regarding accessibility or needs beyond what you provide in your registration form, please contact us at or 609-497-7914 so that we can discuss how to best welcome you to the Forum.

The Forum will provide three light breakfasts (pastry with coffee or tea) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the event. The Forum will also include three buffet-style lunches Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the event. Additionally, we will have a special offering with food available on Tuesday evening for full conference participants.

For the remaining meals or other refreshment needs, we will provide a list of local restaurants and food options at check-in, along with an array of price points.

No part of the Forum follows any particular dress code. Please make yourself comfortable in whatever presentation or style you please. We welcome jeans and t-shirts, skirts and blazers, 3-piece suits and bowties, sweatpants and baseball caps, and any combination therein. Be yourself and be comfortable.

Weather-wise, Central New Jersey plays tricks on us every year during the Forum. Some years, it is cold and rainy; other years, it is perfect springtime sunny days. Check the forecast before you pack, and know that we have contingency plans in the event of inclement weather.

The IYM tries to plan our events well in advance, and we currently have completed our planning for the 2024 and 2025 Forums on Youth Ministry. We are so grateful for your desire to share ideas with us, however, and we welcome conversations about your projects and passions. While we are not currently accepting proposals for leadership at the Forum, we invite you to connect with us to schedule a conversation about what you’re thinking and doing. Contact us at or 609-497-7914.

We’re currently working with our colleagues at Princeton Theological Seminary to develop these kinds of opportunities in the future. At the present time, there are none. However, if you would like to contribute toward our scholarship funds so we can make the Forum more accessible to even more people, please contact us at or 609-497-7914. We appreciate your interest and investment!

Still Have Questions?

We can’t wait to welcome you at the 2024 Forum on Youth Ministry, as we discern together what God is doing with and through young people. If we didn’t answer your question above, send us an email by clicking here:

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